Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Running arrands around anchorage

My kiddo and I were visiting the master genius Raven in the parking lot near Mc Donalds. 
He wanted some grub:0)

Picking up espresso bags from Mrs. Awesome at
Above The Rim Espresso

She truly Rocks
Very nice lady always willing to help:0)

Excellent Espresso also :0)

She is located behind Toys R Us on King St. on your way back to Target on the right.
My morning drive taking pics without looking at the camera!! This is the skybridge from the parking lot to the 5th Ave Mall

This is my next clic Notice my cracked winshield lol. This is the side of the 5th Avenue Mall that faces C street.
Passing 11th and C street I think lol. On the right is Central Jr. High weeee this little hill flips your tummy woo hoo fun. :0)

This is passing 15th and C st. hard to not speed but I manage :0) The next lite is Fireweed Ln.
That's all folks. Arrands in Anchorage, Alaska, hmmm hey at least you get to see some Anchorage lol

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