Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Walmart employee

I was hired on with the newly remodeled and expanded south side walmart!

woo hoo thank you Wal Mart :0) I am really pleased so far with the work environment.
My job is fun and the people are what make it great.
I love to talk and help people out on their shopping journeys.
It is so amazing how many cultures and different kinds of personalities you run into here. Everyday I hear at least 5 different languages.
I see all kinds of faces and the most amazing smiles.
People to me are what makes life so much richer.
I really couldn't imagine a life of solitude. I would go insane.
I am sure people at work sometimes don't know what to think of me.
But I want to tell all of them what you see is what you get.
No hidden strings or fake face.
When I am tired and hurting I will let you know just so you can understand how I feel.
I try not to whine lol but I do it sometimes when I feel really pitiful lmao.
I am human forgive me :0) When I am quiet I am in my head.(It happens lol)
It has nothing to do with anyone and I am not mad with anyone.
I am simply thinking how to improve something or processing things that have learned.
When I am happy and talking to everyone and seem to be having fun. I am lol
The workplace should be a place where you respect everyone and their thoughts but you can be relaxed enough to be true to yourself and enjoy what your doing.

I love my job and I think everyone I work with is awesome and very interesting.
I hope everything is wonderfull for the future of my working career with WalMart :0)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

wow about the love this site so much fun!!!

Please visit fmy link to my creations.

If you haven't done this yet and always wanted to make a t-shirt or a custom mug or need things to promote your business or make custom gifts for family these holidays You gotta see and play around.

I am a new big fan :0)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Running arrands around anchorage

My kiddo and I were visiting the master genius Raven in the parking lot near Mc Donalds. 
He wanted some grub:0)

Picking up espresso bags from Mrs. Awesome at
Above The Rim Espresso

She truly Rocks
Very nice lady always willing to help:0)

Excellent Espresso also :0)

She is located behind Toys R Us on King St. on your way back to Target on the right.
My morning drive taking pics without looking at the camera!! This is the skybridge from the parking lot to the 5th Ave Mall

This is my next clic Notice my cracked winshield lol. This is the side of the 5th Avenue Mall that faces C street.
Passing 11th and C street I think lol. On the right is Central Jr. High weeee this little hill flips your tummy woo hoo fun. :0)

This is passing 15th and C st. hard to not speed but I manage :0) The next lite is Fireweed Ln.
That's all folks. Arrands in Anchorage, Alaska, hmmm hey at least you get to see some Anchorage lol